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Conference Workshops

The two workshops are free but “First come first served” policy will apply

The 43rd SACI conference will host two parallel free workshops on Thursday, 6th December 2018 from 16h30 to 17h45. Delegates are requested to choose one workshop to attend (if so desired) at the registration desk. First come first served policy will apply.

WORKSHOP ONE: Molecular Modelling Workshop

  1. Schrodinger will host 2 workshops in South Africa.  The topic will be Molecular Modelling for life science applications.  The 2 venues will be:
    1- December 2nd in Cape Town.  This will be in partnership with the annual meeting of the CSIR/CHPC.  The session will start at 09:00.  To register please go to: and select "Introduction to Schrödinger’s Drug Discovery Tools"
    2 - December 6th at CSIR-ICC, in Pretoria. This will be in partnership with the National Convention of the South African Chemical Institute. On Thursday the 6th Schrodinger will give a scientific lecture at 15:30, which will be followed by the workshop. 

For more information, please contact Craig Coel at:
Tel (Office) +49 (0) 8945-83-5348
SKYPE: craig.coel

WORKSHOP TWO: Advanced SciFinder

  1. 6th December 2018 at CSIR – ICC, Pretoria. The workshop will provide information on the advanced use of SciFinder software program on the data search and many other functionalities.  The delegates taking this workshop are advised to bring along their laptops and connect to the internet via free WIFI provided by the ICC. 

For more information, please contact:
Veresha Dukhi
Accounts Consultant
ACS International Ltd.

Tel: :+27 61504 6598