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Financial Support

Through the Pan-Africa Chemistry Network, the Royal Society of Chemistry would like to give financial support for 10 African chemists to attend the IUPAC Green Chemistry conference to be held in Durban, South Africa (August 17-21st, 2014),

This support will cover the travel, registration and accommodation costs of those supported.  The awards will principally be used to support early career chemists (faculty, post-doc researchers and PhD students) working in Green Chemistry.

This is a great opportunity and we’re keen to make sure that this opportunity is available to all.
Application details:

  1. This opportunity is for African scientists working in Africa.

  2. Applicants wishing to attend must submit an application to Prof Neil Coville by 20th May, 2014.

  3. Your application should include:

    1. An application letter giving your reasons for wishing to attend the event and what you hope to gain from attendance(max. 2 sides)

    2. A brief abstract of the research paper or poster you wish to present at the conference (max. 1 side)

    3. A short CV, (max. 2 sides)

    4. A letter of reference from your institution supporting your application (max. 2 sides).

  4. If supported by the RSC, you will be expected to give an oral or poster presentation at the conference.

  5. The decision to award the fellowships will be done though a FASC committee, in conjunction with input from the RSC.

  6. The decisions will be made by 10 June, 2014 and successful applicants will be contacted after this date.

  7. Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

    1. Quality of proposed contribution to the conference content

    2. Qualifications and relevant experience of the applicant

    3. Reasons for attendance and expected benefit to the individual

Consideration will be given to ensure a selection of attendees from across the continent.

For more information, please contact:
Prof Neil Coville
Dr Helen Bailey