Presents: 4th International Symposium on Electrochemistry

         “Pure and Applied Electrochemistry” - April 2018


Dear all,
We are sorry to announce to you that the 4th Symposium on Electrochemistry has been postponed to 2018.

This change of date was due to logistic reasons and also to give enough time for planning to all potential delegates. It is our desire to have a well-represented conference (local and international).
We sincerely apologise to all those who have submitted abstracts and have committed to sponsorship.

Please note that the website will still be active and the new date (probably April 2018) will be communicated soon. All authors thus have the liberty to update their abstract and resubmit when the new dates are set.

We thank you for your understanding. Once again accept our apology for any inconvenience caused.

Prof OA Arotiba (on behalf of the Local Organising Committee)

Our theme for this conference is “Pure and Applied Electrochemistry”.
Electrochemistry, though traditionally a subset of physical chemistry and analytical chemistry, in recent times has emerged to be a notable branch of chemistry. Electrochemistry is applied in biochemistry, material science, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, mining, environmental science, water treatment technologies, biomedicine, energy and so on. It is a key science behind many technologies such as sensors, biosensors, solar cells, batteries, capacitors, supercapacitors, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, water splitting, electroplating, corrosion, and many ‘green’ water treatment processes such as photoelectrochemical oxidation and electrocoagulation, among others.

The 4th Symposium on Electrochemistry is aimed at meeting the global challenges (especially in Africa) in water, biomedical, environmental, energy etc by bringing together electrochemists and other scientists/engineers whose integral part of their research involves electrochemistry. It will be a platform to share and update knowledge, stimulate new ideas, networking and collaborate. In addition, special attention will be given to students’ participations and interactions.

Prof. Omotayo A. Arotiba MRSC


  • Sensors and Biosensors

  • Photoelectrochemistry

  • Environmental Electrochemistry

  • Electrochemical Water Treatment Technologies

  • Electrochemistry of materials and nanomaterials

  • Electrochemistry for Energy

  • Electrocatalysis

  • Industrial Electrochemistry