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International Union of Pure and Applied Chemisty

South African Association of Food Science and Technology

Bruker - South Africa
Have products for a  range of Life Science, Biotechnical, and Process Analytical applications.

National Laboratory Association
The NLA is the representative body that evolved from the previous National Laboratory Accreditation service, after overall responsibility for accreditation was assumed by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) during 1998 - Helps one find chemical and chemical engineering terms

South African Qualifications Authority

Fast-changing chemical sector:
Although considered relatively small by international standards, South Africa is ranked among the top 25 chemical producing countries in the world

Chemical & Allied Industries Association

Chemissa web-site - Vallue added information on the chemical industry in South Africa

SA Institute of Chemical Engineers

International Centre for Scientific Research(CSIR)

SA Petroleum Industry Association

Large number of useful links to a very wide range of  South African sites

Virtual Library: Science: Chemistry: National Chemical Societies

Learned Societies

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute



Merck Chemicals - This site is linked to our German parent company and gives the user access to a positive encyclopaedia of chemical information, including an interactive periodic table, safety information, information about GHS and more.

CHEMISSA - The purpose of the website is to provide an information system on the chemical sector. Links guide the user to sites providing information on the South African Development Community (SADC) countries, their chemical companies, financial incentives, international market information, Health, Safety and Environment, employment opportunities, research, training and skills, business opportunities, news and views, events, public appreciation of chemistry, legislation, industry organisations world-wide, directories, institutional support, regulations, international conventions and green chemistry.

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The Periodic Table of videos