Senior Instrumentation Scientist (Senior Lecturer level): Department of Chemistry - Rhodes University

Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer: Department of Chemistry - Rhodes University


MSc, PhD and post-doc level candidates - University of Johannesburg

The Muller chemistry research group at the University of Johannesburg is looking for MSc, PhD and post-doc level candidates for research projects focusing on catalysis, both in experimental and computational areas.

For the experimental part, you will be involved in designing novel N/O ligand systems, coordination to molybdenum and the catalytic epoxidation of alkenes.

For the theoretical part, you will be working in close collaboration with an UJ distinguished visiting professor, Em Prof Lammertsma on the catalytic mechanistic pathway prediction of the above project.

Candidates with prior experience on catalysis and computational chemistry will be given preference.

A full stipend, equivalent to that provided by the South African National Research Foundation, will be provided for the duration of the study (2 years at MSc, Post-doc and 3 years at PhD level)

Contact person:

Prof Alfred (Fanie) Muller


PhD Position - Organic Chemistry - UFS